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Regulations for Your Stay with Us

Terms and conditions of sale and guidelines on conduct


Bookings may be made by email, on the internet, at our offices or directly on our website using our online booking system. The booking is made in the name(s) of the specified guest(s), and as such it is valid only for the guests whose name(s) appear(s) on the booking contract, along with the selected type of accommodation, the selected arrival and departure dates, the exact cost of the stay, the methods of payment to be used to confirm the booking, and the cancellation conditions.
By confirming the booking and/or the payment of the deposit/balance, the booking contract for the tourist services/packages is deemed complete, and as such it is binding. Acceptance of the booking is dependent on payment of the deposit and/or balance of the total cost of the stay. Any preferences expressed by guests in relation to the location of the accommodation are treated as such, and are not, therefore, contractually binding or able to be absolutely guaranteed, since the assignment of the accommodation takes place on site, at the exclusive discretion of the accommodation provider. The personal and contact details that you supply during booking will be used to issue a tax receipt for the amount of the stay (amount paid). Should you require a different sort of document (such as an invoice rather than a tax receipt) or should you require that the document be made out in another name, you will need to give us this information in the notes at the time of booking, because once the document has been issued it can no longer be changed.

Guests who wish to make/confirm a booking for a stay must proceed with the payment of the deposit/balance by the deadline set out in the quote, using the methods specified in the online booking or in emails from our personnel. Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit/debit card. If using a credit/debit card, payment is not taken at the same time as the booking. Once payment has been made successfully, you will receive definitive email confirmation of the completed payment. To safeguard and encrypt your credit/debit card information during the transaction, we use SSL technology. Failure to comply with the payment terms constitutes an express termination clause that may result in the termination of this agreement, without prejudice to any claims that may be made for compensation of further damages incurred by the organisation. Any failure to comply with the payment terms shall result in the loss of the quoted prices and associated benefits envisaged by the contract. Should the accommodation provider notice a difference in the rate following the communication of erroneous information at the booking stage, the payment of the outstanding balance on the booking must be paid upon arrival directly to the accommodation provider. 

Alghero City Council levies a “tourist tax” on non-residents, to be paid on site at our offices. The accommodation rates shown on the price list, on the web pages and in the confirmation schedule are inclusive of VAT. Should the tourist tax be subject to variations with respect to the current 10% rate and the amount due were to increase, the difference must be paid directly on site to the accommodation provider. 


CUSTOMERS ADMISSION. In order to gain access to the campsite, it is necessary to be authorized by the management. For entry and stay in the campsite, it is compulsory registration of every single person. Upon arrival, guests are advised to take note of prices and conditions applied in the Camping Village and is required to deposit a valid ID. Upon registration, the customer will be given a label to be affixed on the windshield of the car or motorcycle or motor home and an identification bracelet (to be worn MANDATORY for the duration of the stay) to be shown at request of those involved in surveillance and to be returned upon payment. THE ENTRANCE IS ALLOWED ONLY TO THE GUEST OF THE CAMPING EQUIPPED WITH BRACELET. In case of subsequent changes relating to people, services, and guests, the customer agrees to inform the Reception. If a person not registered was found, it will be charged to the account of the crew to whom that person refers, from the 1st day of arrival. Whoever shows disrespect towards these rules will have to leave immediately the campsite. Upon arrival, the customer is required to view the evacuation routes, the rates, the rules for the stay, office and cash timetables, emergency number, restaurant, minimarket and bar times, and all that may affect the life in the village. In any case, the entry into the campground constitutes full acceptance of the Rules of stay.

VISITORS. Customers are allowed to receive guests in the camping village. The authorisation regarding the entry of visitors is at the total discretion of the Campsite Management, following the depositing of their relative Identity Cards. The visitor shall be allowed only in daytime presence, on foot and on payment of the appropriate fee listed on our camping list. Underage guests are not allowed, unless they are accompanied by adults, who are obliged to monitor their conduct during the entire stay in the camping village, being responsible of them according to the law. Visitors have to look over the pricelist and conditions applied in the Village Camping on their arrival. The failure to comply with the regulations entails the immediate removal of the guest from the Campsite according to the final decision of the Campsite management. For those wishing to get to know the camping site, a visit of less than 15 minutes is allowed, upon delivery of an identification document. In any case it is not allowed the access to the camping by any means of transport, be it motorized vehicle, bicycle, scooters and similar.

HOUSING ALLOCATION. The assignment of accommodation and camping spaces is carried out according to the final decision of the Campsite Management. Any indications received from customers about the location of the accommodation, are treated as such and have no contractual nature or absolute guarantee, as the assignment of accommodation and camping spaces is carried out according to the final decision of the Campsite Management. Where required and considered possible by management, the change of accommodation involves the payment of the highest fee (if any), as well as the extra payment of EUR 70,00 for cleaning costs. No refund shall be granted for changing of accommodation with lower rate than the originally booked. Pictures of the interior of the accommodation in the brochures or in the site are to be considered as representations but do not constitute a means of indicating the equipment of the accommodation itself. Any pots, ornaments etc. may be different or not present. Photos or adverts are not a substitute for the inventory visible on the site. The customer is required to consider the description in the site in relation to each category of accommodation.

HANDOVER OF ACCOMMODATION from 5:30 p.m. Departure: The client must leave the accommodation in the last day of stay by 9:00. It will also be charged the day of departure if this takes place after 9:00. For arrivals after 11:30 p.m., the night porter will arrange to collect the keys and the withdrawal of documents and check-in takes place until the next morning.     Late Check Out Village: with an additional fee of 50% of the cost of the daily rate, you can keep the accommodation until 4:00 p.m. the day of departure. The late check-out is subject to availability and must be requested in the main office the day before departure.

DEPOSIT FOR ACCOMMODATIONUpon arrival you will be asked to provide a valid credit/debit card to secure the accommodation unit and its features. Alternatively, you can leave a security deposit of € 300.00 in the form of a cheque that will be returned to you on departure, once the necessary checks have been carried out by our staff. Deposits in cash are not accepted. The credit/debit cardholder name or the name shown on the cheque must be the same holder of the booking and must be present at check-in. The customer must then promptly check that the accommodation is suitable and without problems, and that everything stated on the list within the accommodation has actually been provided. The customer must immediately inform the staff of anything missing or any problems, or if the accommodation is not sufficiently clean, to allow the management to resolve the issue(s) immediately and to enable the customer to begin his/her holiday as expected. No complaints will be accepted at the end of the holiday concerning problems not formally highlighted at the time of the initial handover of the accommodation. It is essential for the customer to request as soon as possible any accessories and optional extras to be included in the quote and to then ensure that they are clearly stated in the contract.

The kitchenettes in our accommodation come complete with sufficient dishes, crockery and cutlery to match the number of customers. Blankets and pillows are supplied. The supplementary charge for cleaning on departure is compulsory for all customers staying in the village. The charge is EUR 10,00 per night, up to a maximum of 7 nights (NB the kitchenette should be left clean by the customer, otherwise a penalty charge of EUR 40,00 will be applied). Small and medium-sized pets (max 15 kg) are permitted in Bungalows and Cha lets. A daily supplement applies and there is a EUR 100,00 cleaning-on-departure charge. If you intend to bring any pets, you must advise us during the booking phase. Cot compulsory at a rate of EUR 7,00 per day from July 1 to August 31 for children aged 0-2 (cot linen not supplied). Air-conditioning available for a charge in the Chalets, Mobile Homes Riviera, Riviera Superior, Corallo, Smeraldo, Mediterranea Suite, Double Standard Room, Mini Lodge. These accommodation units are equipped with working air conditioning that uses a modern card system. Use of the system is optional and a supplementary charge of EUR 30,00 per 24 (non-continuous) hours of usage applies.The service can be purchased during booking or directly at the resort and is not refundable. 
Included in the price: first set of sheets and towels (additional linen changes charged at EUR 10.00 per person per sheet/towel), water, electricity and gas, a parking space for a car or motorbike, access to swimming pool including sun loungers, children’s play area, use of tennis court and table-tennis table, water fitness  – from 01/07 to 10/09 at least 5 evenings per week. Mini-club  (3 years of age) – evening musical entertainment : from 15th/06 to 10th/09 at least 3 evenings per week. The restaurant offers table service (from a limited menu) for the main courses. Times: breakfast 8.00am-10.00am, lunch 12: 30 am-14: 00pm, dinner 8.00pm-9.30pm.
Gluten-free dishes are available (please let us know when booking if you will require gluten-free dishes during your stay).

ASSIGNMENT OF PITCH. It is compulsory for the customer to occupy the pitch that the Office Acceptance has assigned to him or wait for an attendant who would show him the pitch assigned to him. The occupation of a different pitch from that assigned is permitted only with the express written consent of the campsite, with the then completion of a new registration procedure. The Campsite Management reserves the right, according to its final irrevocable decision, to move the equipment that has not been positioned in the location assigned together with the cars left in the camping space. The assignment of the pitches is made to unquestionable judgment of the Management. 

STAY IN CAMPSITE. It is calculated from whatever time on the day of arrival to 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure. Should the stay extend beyond that time (10:00 a.m.), an extra day will be charged. In some periods of the season (e.g. in mid-August), it is possible to introduce a minimum stay. Groups of only minors are not accepted.

DEPARTURES. Upon departure, it is mandatory to stop at the exit and present the fiscal receipt to the assigned staff.

SERVICE/HOLIDAY PACKAGE SUPPLYING. Should the customer not arrive at the Camping Village before 12:00 a.m. of the day following the expected arrival date, without giving any notice, the management reserves the right to cancel the reservation and offer the vacant accommodation to others. The customer agrees to pay for the entire stay even in the event of early departure or late arrival.


In order to purchase items inside the camping village, it is compulsory to use a pre-paid card that can be collected at the reception. The issue of the aforementioned card is free of charge for the client and the entire amount unused shall be returned upon departure. In case of loss, the sum of EUR 5,00 shall be charged from the card total amount on the card. On the day of departure (or, if necessary, the day before), guests can be refunded for the amount not spent. This operation must take place during the opening hours of the cash desk (8.30am-1.00pm and 5.00pm-8.00pm). Refunds will not be given by bank transfer in the event of oversights, nor will reimbursements be made outwith said opening hours.
The personal data you provide in the booking will be used to issue the tax receipt equal to the amount of the stay (amount paid). In case you need a different billing (invoice instead of receipt) or as different header, it is necessary that you indicate it in the notes at the time of booking as the document, once issued, cannot be longer modified.

CASHIER’S OFFICE OPENING HOURS: 8:30 am – 1:00 pm / 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. For payments made outside these hours, a surcharge of EUR 25,00 shall be added.

WATER USE. The water in the fountains can be taken only for drinking purposes. We would like to remind you that water is a precious resource, particularly in Sardinia, and we trust in your common sense in its use. Washing cars or motorbikes inside the campsite is strictly forbidden.

CAMPING HYGIENIC SERVIVES. Our sanitary blocks were entirely refurbished and renewed in 2017. You will find new and modern facilities with shower, toilet and bidet. Washing dishes and linen is only allowed in the areas designated for that purpose. Guests must use common services with the maximum care for decorum and cleanliness. You are asked to take care when using the facilities; since finding them clean is a pleasure and leaving them clean is a duty for all of us. The facilities will be sanitized daily, at specific times, using high-pressure jets and various detergents. It is strictly prohibited to empty chemical WCs into the communal toilets. If you fail to comply with this prohibition, you will be asked to leave the campsite immediately. At this campsite, we are committed to using renewable energy, and to this end, we have installed various types of solar panels on the roofs of certain accommodation and facilities.

LIGHTING OF FIRES. For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to light fires of any kind. The use of special cooking grills located on site is only allowed on days when the wind does not blow a “moderate” intensity greater than force 3 on the Beaufort scale (wind speed between 5.5 and 8 m / s). The use of gas stoves camping is allowed within a distance of over 1 meter from the surrounding vegetation. Barbecues may be used only with prior authorization from the reception. Matches and cigarettes should be extinguished with care. Failure to respect this guideline poses a serious risk to people and property, and is also illegal, and shall result in removal from the campsite.      

RESPECT FOR VEGETATION. Digging channels or holes in the camping area is forbidden. All plants and structures on the campsite must be treated with care. It is prohibited to tamper with the vegetation in any way, such as by hanging hammocks, clothes lines or electrical cables from it, or attaching any other objects to it. Our staff members are authorised to remove immediately and without prior notice any such items attached to the trees. You are advised to equip yourself with a clothes horse. In the event of vegetation being chopped down or removed, without prejudice to eventual claims for compensation of damages or any other legal claims, the person responsible will be removed from the campsite.

DISPOSAL OF WASTE. Every guest must ensure maximum cleanliness within his camping place or accommodation, putting all rubbish into the suitable containers, and must leave all occupied spaces in perfect order on departure. It is also forbidden to dispose of the waste water of any kind and from any source outside of the specified locations in places of accommodation (mandatory for the discharge of sewage of caravans and camper vans) and / or outside the toilets. According to the municipal regulations, a separate collection of waste is carried out within our facility: plastic, paper, glass, cans, wet. Please pay close attention to the regulations on waste sorting. The market sells refuse sacks for all types of waste. After use, guests must take care to close these sacks properly in order to avoid any material falling out, and must dispose of them in the appropriate containers at the waste-sorting points.

DISINFESTATION: as per the general prescriptions, in winter (but also during the season when the accommodation is open), regular rat extermination and mosquito disinfestation operations are carried out to ensure the maintenance of the highest hygienic conditions. On the days in which the disinfestation operations are carried out, the customer is asked to keep the doors and windows closed during the operation, and not to leave food or personal objects outside the accommodation. These operations are carried out in compliance with current legislation, using non-toxic components. We would remind our customers that the accommodation is located in the open countryside, and as such there may be visits from ants, mosquitos, bees and various insects, as well as small field mice. If you know what to expect, you are sure to be more tolerant of it. We would remind our guests that the accommodation is located in the open countryside, and as such it may be subject to visits by ants, mosquitos, bees and other insects, as well as small field mice. Once you are aware of this, you are sure to be more tolerant. To this end, we would invite you to purchase mosquito repellent and citronella oil. No objections, or requests for reimbursement or changes to accommodation shall be entertained if motivated by the presence of mosquitos.

USE OF CABLES AND ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. The connection to the power supply shall be exclusively carried out by the Campsite personnel. It is forbidden to obstruct routes or viable places within the campsite with cables and / or any other instrument for the derivation of electricity. It is also prohibited therein to damage the surrounding vegetation in this way. The campsite staff is expressly authorized to immediately release without notice any cable and / or other instrument affixed in violation of the preceding paragraph. The same permission is granted in case of electrical connections which result not comply with current legislation. 

USE OF PUBLIC ADDRESS EQUIPMENT. To allow for rest, the gate will be closed from 11:30 p.m. to 07.30 a.m. During this period, guests may not make undue noise, use television, radio, or anything else that would disturb people’s rest. It is forbidden to engage in conduct, which disturbs the peace on the campsite, in its vicinity, and at the beach. The campsite, in its sole discretion, may make exceptions for entertainment activities.

PREVENTION AND SAFETY. The gas cylinders must comply with the directives given by the UNI CIG standards in force in Italy. In particular, the containers must be protected against accidental impacts and sunlight and located in safe areas. The maximum weight allowed is 5 kg. The equipment and all its contents must be approved and comply with all legal requirements or regulations, in particular in terms of compliance with fire prevention regulations.

CAMPING EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION. From 11:00 p.m. until 07:00 a.m. of the following morning, it is not permitted to erect or take down tents or install caravans.

PETS. Pets are allowed inside the camping village. The animals, which can stay in certain types of accommodation, must have the microchips and accompanied by the veterinary certificate. Upon arrival, the staff of the Camping-Village can ask these documents, and in case the owners do not have the documents, the Management may prohibit access to animals in the Camping – Village. Dog owners shall undertake to keep them on a lead, away from the bathing beach and the swimming pool, and to take care of their hygiene. For the animals staying in accommodation (Bungalows and Chalets), final cleaning is mandatory and is on payment (EUR 100,00).

WI-FI available for an additional charge. Please be aware that, since the campsite is located on a nature reserve, the Wi-Fi signal is good but not great. Due to the lack of transmitters, and to the fact that – for environmental reasons – the area is not cabled, network congestion can be a problem, and it may be difficult to lock on to the signal. As for the telephone service, the only available operator is TIM whose signal is absent at some points in the village camping. Coming out the campsite, a few meters away, other operators will be active.  Please be patient and tolerant in this regard.

MINORS. Underage guests are not allowed. Parents have the duty to accompany their children in the use of public facilities and the toilet. The management declines any responsibility. The use of the playground and other facilities is at complete own risk of users. Access to the playground is only allowed during the hours established by the management, and for children accompanied by adults.

SWIMMING POOLS RULES.  Swimming cap compulsory. The use of the swimming pool is regulated by the following rules: please respect the indicated hours of use; have a shower before entering the swimming pool; diving is forbidden; it is prohibited to have a behaviour such as to cause harm to themselves or to other people. The access at the pools is allowed to children only if accompanied by adults. Access to the jacuzzi tubs is reserved exclusively for adults. Showers must be taken immediately before entering the tubs. Any minors, particularly if unaccompanied, will be asked to leave the tubs. Naturally, no diving is allowed in the tubs. Please treat other people’s property with the respect it deserves.  

PRIVATE BEACH REGULATIONS: the beach is monitored by campsite lifeguards during the opening hours foreseen by law. In the stretch of beach reserved for the guests belonging to the Torre del Porticciolo Campsite it is forbidden to: use the parasols without having the relative beach pass, to use parasols other than the one(s) you have been assigned, take sunbeds from nearby parasols, to erect small parasols in between the pre-existing rows of parasols, take one’s own deckchairs and sunbeds or to move the Campsite sunbeds near to the seashore, play beach tennis, football. To fly kites in front of the parasol area and to occupy the beach area in front of the area where the parasols have been erected.


CARS. Car use is authorized only for the arrival and unloading of camping equipment and luggage. It is not allowed to wash cars, caravans, and / or boat, etc., inside the campsite. Vehicles must circulate at walking speed (5 km/h.) and should be parked in their own camping place (camper vans) or in the correct car parks (for cars and motorbikes). It is possible to move around in the campsite with bicycles excluding the pedestrian area, inside the market and the toilets.

CAMPERS. Access to the campsite of Camper vans is permitted only to those regularly certified, including for the purpose of accommodation, via the competent authorities. Reception staff may require submission of such documentation.

CIRCULATION. A set speed limit of 5 km/h is obligatory in order to circulate inside the campsite. The staff on site are authorized to confiscate bicycles that circulate at a higher speed limit than that in the preceding paragraph or in a way, that creates danger to others. The reasons will be made available to the adult who is responsible for the child.

PARKING. The accommodation is serviced with special parking areas located in the areas designated per emplacement. It is strictly forbidden to block any escape route by any means, under penalty of forcible removal. If the obstruction is repeated for the third time by the same means, this will be confiscated and returned to the rightful owner at the end of the stay.


IN CASE OF FIRE. Inside the campsite are special loudspeakers that in case of serious fire will give an alarm. Upon the occurrence of such event customers will reach, in an orderly fashion, the points of “temporary meeting points” indicated by appropriate signs then will wait at the emergency point for a team that will lead them to the campsite collection point. The push-button alarm systems, located at various points around the complex as legally required, should be pressed only in the event of the sighting of a fire. Anyone activating the alarms without there being a real risk of fire shall be reported to the authorities and immediately removed from the campsite.

IF OTHER EMERGENCIES. Health, severe natural events, and situations such as public safety, inconveniences caused by the sea: contact the staff of the campsite if available, or see the information board at the entrance for all emergency telephone numbers.


CUSTOMERS RESPONSABILITIES AND/OR GUESTS. Customers and/or their guests are personally responsible to the Management and/or third parties for any damage to persons and/or property, direct and/or indirect, in any way caused because of behaviour taken as being in violation of the provisions of this contract and/or other regulations as applicable. Clients are required to keep strictly to their own property. The campsite assumes no responsibility for any items lost or stolen that are not left in its direct custody. The management assumes no liability for damage to cars, caravans, or other property caused by falling branches and / or pinecones.

DISPUTES. This contract is subject to Italian law and any interpretation relating to the above or that not anticipated in this document makes specific reference to this law and not to external uses and customs.

These general conditions of sale are available on our website www.torredelporticciolo.it, are pinned to the notice board, and can be requested by sending an email to info@torredelporticciolo.it or by asking the staff. These general conditions of sale are deemed to be fully accepted at the time of booking or check-in; the customer, therefore, undertakes to respect the content of every article.