Leaving from Alghero port or from Cala La Dragunara, it is possible to take day trips by motor vessel  in order to discover the Grotte di Nettuno (Neptune’s Grottos),  the most suggestive grottos in Sardinia, a recommended stop during a tourist trip to Alghero.


The day trips can be taken from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm starting in May, for the entire duration of the summer season. Always leaving from Alghero port, Navisarda organises an enjoyable and relaxing day at sea where it will be possible to bathe in the crystal clear and uncontaminated waters of the Coral Riviera and to taste the typical local products. The Day at Sea starts by leaving from Alghero port at 9.00 am. The return is foreseen for 5 pm.      

We you propose a single Ticket to discover Alghero : Museums + Archaeological sites + Exhibitions + Events + Neptune Cave (ferryboat fee not included) . Fee € 20.00 (admis 1 adult + 1 child 0/11 year - old). Fee 40.00 € (admis 2 adults + children 0/17 year - old). Entrace to Neptune Cave, Coral Museum, Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, Nuraghe Palmavera, Necropolis anghelu Ruju, Roof terraces of the ancient towers.

The most suggestive cities in the North-West Sardinia that we recommend you visit, either by yourselves or by taking an organised trip leaving from Alghero, are the following:

    1. Catelsardo, an antique medieval town that overlooks the Asinara Gulf. Places to visit include : the  historical city centre, the Doria Castle, the Cathedral of St. Anthony the Abbot (Sant’Antonio Abate) and St. Mary’s church, Elephant Rock and the church of Our Lady of Tergu.

    2. Bosa, a city dating back to ancient times which, due to its location, has, during the course of the centuries, always benefitted from the great attention paid by the populations that have gradually, over time, dominated Sardinia. Places to visit include: The historical city centre,  Serravalle Castle, St. Peter’s church, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Cattedrale dell’Immacolata), the Convent and church of the Carmine as well as the Church of Our Lady of Regnos Altos.

    3. Stintino, a small village situated right on the far tip of North-West Sardinia that boasts one of the most enchanting coasts of the entire Region, with its extremely white sand, crystal clear waters and one of the most beautiful seas of the entire Mediterranean, such as the famous ’’La Pelosa’’ beach. 

    4. Sassari, situated right in the heart of the vast region in the North-West area of Sardinia, with its 129,000 residents, it is the second city of the Island. Places to visit include: The Sanna Museum, St. Nicholas’ Cathedral, St. Mary’s Church, Rosello fountain, the Francesco Bande Ethnographic Museum and the Brigata Sassari Museum (Sassari Brigade).

        Last but not least, is the splendid Asinara Island, the home of the National park of same name since 3rd October 2002. It has a surface measuring 51,23 km² and its coast stretches for 110 km, Asinara Island is truly heaven on Earth which can only be reached via sea from Stintino by means of motor vessels, sailing boats and catamarans.  It is possible to choose from a wide range of excursions (by SUV, on horse-back, by bike, by wheeled train etc. ) that allow you to discover the beauty of this uncontaminated island which once hosted the maximum security prison that detained members of the Brigate Rosse terrorist group and Mafia bosses such as Raffele Cutolo and Salvatore Riina. Leaving from the campsite, the Equorea tourism office weekly organises enjoyable trips to the Asinara Island. For information on times, prices and seat availability, please contact our reception staff who will book you the best excursions offered within our Northern Sardinia territory.

        Camping Village Torre del Porticciolo

        On the fabulous Coral Riviera, where the sea and the sky meld together into a single dimension.

        You can find a corner of paradise of untouched beauty its name is Torre del Porticciolo. Equipped with swimming pools, tennis courts, children's games, animation and a mini club, the Camping Village Torre del Porticciolo is particularly suitable for those who want to spend an unforgettable holiday of sun and sea, fun and history, in the environs of the fabulous city of Alghero. This is the only place of its kind to be introduced into the splendid scenery of the Porto Conte Natural Park.

        Camping Holidays Plan > 7=6 14=12

        Offer valid: from 12/05 to 22/07 and from 27/08 to 30/09

        Special Offer > Lodging / Pitch + Ferries Sardinia

        We are delighted to inform you that the Torre del Porticciolo Camping Village is able to offer you, as a guest, discount codes to allow you to purchase boat tickets